Simple and flexible.

AHitis™ beta is available for Android. Test now using beta code Monkey20l6.

Many of us would like the freedom to work together in a community. AHitis provides a lifestyle opportunity for this and you take it where you wish. Commerce-Connections is introducing its own free sharing economy app service where you can earn simply or obtain assistance in and around the house. Register with us today and be part of the community everyone's talking about. AHitis at your fingertips.


AHitis is a flexible lifestyle work service application that offers people the opportunity to obtain assistance or earn money in household related tasks and jobs. The application is aimed both at members of a household wanting to hire temporary, DBS-registered help in and around the home or those offering their services as a helper. For those seeking a job, there is the opportunity for instant, contract-free work. There is also the option of choosing when and where to work and having the chance of taking on a suitable, short or long-term, hour-based job right away.

AHitis offers an array of paid services, including:

Cleaning, ironing, gardening, window/gutter cleaning, car washing, personal training, mobile hairdressing and pet care, etc.

Register with AHitis using your mobile device and become either a client or a helper. Clients will select a particular service they need and AHitis will automatically choose a helper for that task! Once both have agreed on the job, they can use the app to agree on job dates, locations and also manage payments once the task is complete. AHitis' simple on-the-go feature ensures the job gets done, hassle-free!

Become a Client

AHitis clients utilise the app to request services from helpers. Whether it's help around the house or keeping fit with a personal trainer, clients are always fingertips away from instant help using features, such as:

- Smart filter system for finding the appropriate helper
- Intuitive rating of helpers based on skills
- Ability to view current/past job sessions

Clients can have a peace of mind, as all helpers on AHitis are DBS registered.

Become a Helper

AHitis helpers receive jobs and tasks from clients via the app and provide the service for them. The path to simple earning couldn't be simpler:

- Provide your current DBS number when registering with AHitis
- Receive and view job requests from interested clients near you!
- Use an interactive map to find the location of jobs and tasks
- Be rated on your performances, so clients get to know your skills in the long run

Pricing & Payment

Each individual job and task will have its own pay rate, defined by difficulty and location. Because jobs are paid by the hour, AHitis will ensure the correct proportional payment is made for the total time worked, minimizing the need for any dispute. No cash? No problem! All payments are done on the app. Clients can link their credit/debit cards to their profile, as well as PayPal™ accounts for a smoother transaction.


AHitis will be avilable on mobile devices running the following operating systems:

- Apple iOS 6 or later versions          
- Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later versions

Please check your device's operating system. Should your device be running an outdated OS, please upgrade it to it's latest stable version. If your device cannot meet the technical requirements for AHitis, you will need to upgrade to a higher-end mobile platform.